The latest versions of all product brochures available from Sea Salt Learning are listed below. Are you looking for a product brochure that you can’t find?  Contact a Crewmate today and they will help you out. Page last updated: 2nd June 2020

Sea Salt Learning Prospectus

The Prospectus is a short, downloadable PDF brochure. Across the 6 pages you will find:

  • An introduction to Sea Salt Learning
  • What we do
  • How we do it
  • How to engage with Sea Salt Learning
  • Sea Salt Learning as your Transformation Partner at scale
  • How to get in touch

Certification Brochures

We offer a growing range of Sea Salt Learning Certifications, designed by Julian Stodd.  Each programme begins with a prototype, before maturing as a full product-offering. Our ‘Open Certifications’ are available for public enrolment on the Sea Salt Learning Eventbrite site.

Certification Programmes For 2020

The latest catalogue for all Sea Salt Learning Certifications.
Download brochure v5.0

Foundations of Social Leadership Certification

Our flagship Social Leadership programme, following a 100-day action-based journey.
Download brochure v4.5

Storytelling Certification

Explore the foundations, and build practical capability, in a diverse range of storytelling skills and behaviours.
Download brochure v4.5

Community Builder Certification

A practical and applied journey to master the core capabilities of Community Building.
Download brochure v4.5

Modern Learning Capability Certification

Investigate modern learning and develop a learning methodology fit for your own Organisation.

Download brochure v4.6

Leading with Trust Certification

Build practical capability to create the conditions where trust can emerge and grow.

Download brochure v4.5

Finding Your Campfire – practical support for newly remote teams

Increasingly, individuals and organisations are making the transition from face to face working, to becoming virtual teams. Our ‘Finding Your Campfire’ offering, designed by Julian Stodd, explores the core skills for individuals and leaders of newly virtual teams.

Finding Your Campfire: Webinar Series

A linked series of 3 webinars exploring the wilderness of remote working: full of practical tips and guidance for newly remote teams

Finding Your Campfire: 1-day Virtual Workshop for Remote Teams

A one day expedition into the wilderness of remote working.  A shared journey for pioneering teams that explores the core skills for individuals and leaders.

Partner Capability Overview

The Partner Capability Overview is a PDF presentation. This goes into more detail than the Prospectus, and may be useful if you are looking for information on the following topics:

  • Overview of Services, Top 5 Value Adds & People and Values
  • Global Footprint – Office Locations & Market Reach
  • Future Growth & Scalability & Service Opportunities
  • Quality Management, Performance Management & SLAs
  • Operating Tools, Technology & Project Management
  • Speed & Ease of Onboarding
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
  • Account Management & Issue Resolution
  • Client Portfolio