Social Age

The Social Age

We are in the Social Age: a time of constant change. We must adapt
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Nature of work

We are experiencing a new nature of work, the democratisation of creativity and technology, the rise of communities, emergent types of power, and the new nature of knowledge itself, dynamic, adaptive, co-created and on demand.

New space

We must adapt our organisations to thrive in this new space: this is a significant challenge.

The things that got us this far will not get us the rest of the way.

Mapping our Ecosystem

A one day workshop to map the impacts of the Social Age within your own organisation, and to consider the wider impacts in your marketplace.

Aimed at Senior Leaders and strategy makers.

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12 Aspects of the Social Age

A comprehensive exploration of 12 aspects of the Social Age. A Leadership level offering, run as a six week online course, or a two day workshop. We explore Social Age: the Social Contract, the Nature of Work, Social Capital, Authenticity, Social Learning, Social Leadership, Democratised Publishing, Humility, Trust, Fairness, Community, Co-creation and Storytelling

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