Social Leadership

A new style of leadership for the Social Age: reputation based, founded in our communities
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Social Leadership is for your organisation

In the Social Leadership Handbook, Julian Stodd proposes a new model for Leadership, enabling us to unlock creativity, collaborate widely, to act fairly.

Earning Reputation

Social Leadership is based upon our reputation, earned within our communities. If we act humbly, with authenticity, if we are kind and generous, we will earn the reputation we deserve.

Engaged Community

We exist in many communities: some formal, some entirely social. Social Leaders learn to operate in each of these, using their Social Authority. In some they lead, in others they learn, in many they support, setting aside their formal mantle of leadership.

Social Capital

Social Capital is our ability to survive and thrive in the Social Age: Social Leaders have it, and help others gain it. They empower and enable. With high Social Capital, they co-create and collaborate widely. Engaged and connected in communities.

Our Social Leadership Programmes

For Your Executives

We run provocation sessions to introduce the concept of Social Leadership, creating a safe space to rehearse new behaviours. Held over an hour, up to a two-day fully immersive event. You’ll access our practitioner community – providing experience from those already on their path to Social Leadership.

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For Your Managers

A six month, scaffolded learning programme to build Social Leadership capability for your senior and mid-level managers. Over 24-weeks delegates spend 2-3 hours a week exploring nine key principles of Social Leadership: Curation, Storytelling, Sharing, Community, Reputation, Authority, Co- Creation, Social Capital, and Collaboration. A 12-week rapid iteration version is also available.

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For Your Organisation

To put the theory into practice, we run ‘Social Leadership: My 1st 100-days” journeys, to make Social Leadership a ‘habit’ of your organisation. Designed for volume and scale, we work with groups and communities to embed Social Leadership throughout the organisation.

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