Power and Potential

Power and Potential by Julian Stodd

All power has limits, all power can be opposed, all power comes at a cost.

Through this 4 week programme, you will look at the shape of your power, and consider how you can unlock your potential through that understanding.

‘Power and Potential’ is an Enquiry Framework

This four week programme is an exploration of your individual power, and the potential you hold.

Based on the book by the same name, it takes a stance that the lens of ‘power’ is a fundamental one through which to understand any system – formal or social – but to break down exactly what type of power you hold, and power ‘works’.

  • The Mechanisms of your Power – considering how power is held within systems (such as hierarchy, reputation, trust, expertise) and how these systems of power intersect (to negate, reflect, refract each other).
  • The Impact of your Power – considers how your power creates impact both in the light and the shadows. We explore the good you can do and the harm you prevent, but also specifically how you ‘hear’ this impact. This is part of a broader notion, which is built out separately in the Quiet Leadership’ work, viewing the Organisation as Ecosystem, and how we each cast shadows.
  • The Shape of your Power – considers reach and edges, boundaries and limits, between the different systems (e.g. your formal and social power). What reaches where, and where are you powerless. This is part of a reflection on the power you have been given, or earned, and what you may need.
  • The Fragility of your Power – is an exploration of the humility of leadership, how you carry doubt and fear, and experience consequence. It explores fundamental aspects of power: that all power has limits, all power carries a cost (and who pays it), and that all power can be opposed.
Who is Power and Potential for?

This programme is for more senior leaders who are seeking to explore the boundaries of their power, and to build an understanding of leadership across multiple domains of power.

It informs action through an understanding of the reach and limitations, fragility and impact, of power.

How to take part

To join a programme, choose one of the dates on this page, or email certifications@seasaltlearning.com. A member of the Crew will be in touch to arrange your registration and share upcoming dates.

Please note, places on this course are limited.

If you have any questions please contact certifications@seasaltlearning.com.

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