Power and Potential

A four week Social Age Enquiry Framework by Julian Stodd

All power has limits, all power can be opposed, all power comes at a cost.

Through this Enquiry Framework of sixteen questions you will look at the shape of your power, and consider how you can unlock your potential through that understanding.

‘Power and Potential’ is an Enquiry Framework

The programme on a series of sixteen questions that, together, provide a space to explore. The subject of our exploration is our power: the power that underpins our leadership in both the formal and social space.

The formal landscape of our Organisations are well mapped: domains of operation, systems and processes of productivity and effect. These form a platform upon which we operate. But they do not define anything other than our formal power.

Our social authority permeates and surrounds these.

Together, these things form a landscape: one that is at the mercy of the weather. Not entirely predictable, and carrying the potential to make or break our day.

In ‘Power and Potential’ we take a tour through our own power as a leader: how it works, what it enables us to do, and how it is ultimately limited or breaks.

This work explores how power can operate in different dimensions: different types of power, interacting in varied ways. It considers how all power has a cost, all power is limited, and all power has an edge.

As well as the sixteen questions that form the Enquiry Framework, there are a series of supplementary questions you can use to have a dialogue within a team, over coffee, or simply in your own head.

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