Leading through Change

A four week Social Age Journey by Julian Stodd

Looking at how we lead complex Organisations through change

Across 4 weeks, 60 minutes per week plus a 15 minute activity, this programme considers the nature of socially co-created change. We will consider how systems resist or enable change, and the importance of individual agency within the process.

When Organisations change, they do so in both the formal and social systems. The formal one we can change at our will, but the social one will adapt and change according to different rules.

This work is not about how we change mechanically, but rather socially. What are the processes of negotiation, evolution, adaptation, of sheltering and bravery, and how do we, as leaders, facilitate the movement?

We consider change as the evolution of Dominant Narratives, the roles of networks and precursor networks, and the principles of Social Authority and Authenticity that underpin Social Leadership – leadership at the intersection.

We look at change as a Social Movement, and how that movement tips from conversation into action.

This work is about how we lead change, but from within the story, alongside the community. Negotiated and socially co-created.

Recommended Audience
Any leaders facing change, with a need to generate momentum.
Participants gain core capabilities such as
An understanding of how change operates in both formal and social systems.
Tools and ideas to drive change as a social movement.
A deeper understanding of our individual role as leaders through change.
How to take part

To join a workshop, choose one of the dates on this page, or email certifications@seasaltlearning.com. A member of the Crew will be in touch to arrange your registration and share upcoming dates.

Please note, places on this course are limited.

If you have any questions please contact certifications@seasaltlearning.com.

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