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You cannot procure a technical solution to a social problem

Technology won’t deliver learning, engagement, or change, in itself, but it may facilitate it, if we build the right ecosystem.


We need a range of spaces: conversational spaces, collaborative spaces, assessment spaces, storytelling spaces, and so forth. Within a diverse ecosystem, we plan and connect these spaces to a core understanding of learning. We can help you build this.


Spaces alone are not enough: conversations are fluid, easily driven out of earshot. If permission is not granted, it will be claimed. Rules, approaches to moderation, and permanence of content, all count.


Technology alone does not drive engagement: we need strong communities, high trust, and clarity of consequence. Engagement is something earned, not demanded, and we can help you understand how.

Our Technology Services

Executive Team Strategy Events

We offer strategic planning for your Learning Technology Architecture. Alongside this, we can run a Technology Audit. With us, you will consider what you have, what is out there, and how it relates to your architecture.  We also help you consider the Future state and how innovative and emergent technologies may affect your strategy in the next 3 – 5 years. 

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Temperature Checks

These are primarily around trust, engagement, fairness, using lightweight systems to measure the temperature at scale across the organisation.

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Build and Operate

We design, build and operate in:

    • ELearning
    • Mobile learning
    • LMS and core learning technologies
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