Julian Stodd

Julian Stodd

Captain and Founder

Author of The Social Leadership Handbook and Exploring the World of Social Learning. Leading the Social Age movement. Working on writing and research around Dynamic Change and the Landscape of Trust.

Julian Stodd is a writer, artist, consultant, and explorer, with a deep interest in how things work: systems, societies, and structures, both technical and human.

At its highest level, his work covers the Social Age, documenting the change and sense-making what we do about it, and ranges from leadership to learning, culture to change, trust to humility.

Julian founded Sea Salt Learning as the vehicle to develop ideas into practice: a global consultancy, operating cross-sector, delivering programmes at scale.

Sea Salt Learning is a safe harbour for independent thinkers: a globally diversified team, bringing the best of the traditional strengths, and the best new learning.

Julian’s blog at www.julianstodd.wordpress.com is his primary space for sharing these stories, with over 2,000 articles and growing every day.

He has written fifteen books so far, with more on the way.

You can find Julian on Twitter @julianstodd