‘The Socially Dynamic Organisation is fully adapted, able not just to survive, but to thrive in times of constant change.’

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Building the Socially Dynamic Organisation

The Socially Dynamic Organisation is agile, not through system, process, hierarchy and control, but rather through connected communities, strong Social Leadership, high engagement, and a culture of trust.

Aligning Energy

This is about broad, holistic and aligned change work, to create the organisation you need, not the one you have inherited.

We help you understand, frame and co-create the change helping the organisation become truly agile in both mindset and action.

Overcoming Resistance

We explore ’16 Resisters of Change’: ways in which systems block or constrain change efforts. By building an engaged group of Change Leaders, and co-creating the journey, we can segment and overcome them.

Dynamic Change Framework

The Dynamic Change Framework explores eight stages of the Change Journey: creating engaged change communities, co-creating and co-owning the change.

Manifestations of Change


Resistant organisations actively kill change conversations: they neither want to change, nor believe that they need to.


Constrained organisations want to change: they are great organisations, doing great things, but ultimately they fail to align the energy, control effects kick in, and they lose momentum.


Dynamic organisations find their strength in their core ability to change: they are fully adapted, agile through community, fit for the Social Age.

Our Change Offerings

Executive Team Strategy Events

We offer two insight sessions to help inform your strategy. The first considers the three states of change (resistant, constrained and dynamic) and where you sit within the framework. The second is an overview of the Socially Dynamic Organisation and how you build it.

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Building the Socially Dynamic Organisation - The Dynamic Change Framework

An eight-step programme designed with a multi-year engagement in mind covering:

    1. Framing the Change
    2. Co-Creating the Journey
    3. Narrating Change
    4. Adapting and Agility
    5. Segmenting Resistance
    6. Ownership and Amplification
    7. Creating Individual Agency
    8. Embedding the Change
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The Change Leader - Development Programme

A six-month programme to guide your leaders to deliver change within the organisation. The leaders to do their thinking out loud, make sense of what change means for the organisation, explore and prototype skills, behaviours and attitudes needed to deliver your changes, and how to share the change stories back into the organisation.

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