Failure, Complexity and Control

A one day Social Age Workshop by Julian Stodd

Failure – Complexity – Control

We normally caveat that this is one of our most challenging and experimental programmes, and not for the fainthearted. It is also some of our favourite work!

In 2019 Julian wrote ‘To the Moon and Back – Leadership Reflections from Apollo’, to mark the 50th anniversary of the Moon Missions. This work is built in that space, so we use Apollo as a case study, and have some fun with it.

  • Shape of Complexity’ – considering how broadly we perceive it, and how we understand the edges to our operation. We look at ‘bounded’ complexity, within systems, and ask how it is formed or found. We examine the rulebooks of our safety.
  • How we hold Failure – exploring the roles of systems, exhaustion, and familiarity in the way that it operates. We look at the ‘folklore’ of failure, and how it persists and acts upon us.
  • What we seek to Control – consider whether this gives us opportunity, or limitation. We consider opportunity at the boundary of failure, and our structural ability to operate in this space.

This programme is offered as a one day face to face workshop for a select group of executive leaders.

As mentioned, there’s a book to go with it – and we can offer a musical performance as well if run as part of retreat events.

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