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The Community Manager – Storyteller

A role of two halves.

Community Manager

Being visible in the community on a routine basis, with the goal of:

  • Safeguarding and moderating
  • Driving engagement
  • Feeding out relevant resources

Connecting people and stories

Both parts of the role are facilitating, with a tone of voice that is alongside you, supportive.


Capture the community’s story, as well as supporting individuals to tell their own stories, in the style of their choosing.
How you will help:

Help people understand how to capture their personal narrative around their learning (stories of application).

Help communities find their shared values and purpose, help them tell their story (e.g. with a Group magazine or other form of communication).

Synthesise and help the organisation hear the different stories of the groups.

Key activities include:

Helping people work out the best way to tell their story (a diary, learning journal, blog space, video diary, working out loud, etc.).

Providing direct support in terms of ‘what to say’ and how to write e.g. exploring ‘tone of voice’ and understanding audience.

Working with Groups to narrate the conversation OR facilitate and curate the group telling it’s own story.

Skills and experience needed to excel as the Community Manager – Storyteller:
  1. Great communication skills.
  2. A solid understanding of communication platforms
  3. Great organisational skills as well as ability to liaise with senior people in the organisation to provide seamless experience of the community.

To apply

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