Careers in Learning - Welcome Aboard


We are a highly respected global consultancy, helping organisations adapt. Come aboard; we transform careers in learning.

Are you interesting, curious and adventurous?

We are growing the Sea Salt Learning Crew fast. We are looking for people with a passion and incredible ability in storytelling, communities, and instructional design, who want to shape the future.

Typical Roles with Sea Salt Learning

Community Management

Being visible in the community on a routine basis, with the goal of safeguarding and moderating, driving engagement and feeding out relevant resources. All parts of the role are facilitating, with a tone of voice that is alongside you, supportive.

Learning Design

Taking the best of ‘formal’ learning (the story that the organisation tells), with the best of the community (the co-created, sense making, ‘social’ story that the community writes) in order to create a coherent learning journey, aligned to the everyday reality of the learner.


Capture the community’s story, as well as supporting individuals to tell their own stories, in the style of their choosing. Help people understand how to capture their personal narrative around their learning, and help communities find their shared values and purpose.

To apply

Please send your enquiries to about careers in learning.