Quiet Leadership Journey

Quiet Leadership – a Social Age Journey by Julian Stodd

Quiet Leadership considers how we lead through the smallest of actions, in every day.

This research based programme looks at both the ideas, and practical action that we can explore over time.

Quiet Leadership considers the Organisations that we inhabit as an ecosystem, and the way that none of us can tend to the whole of this system alone. Only by connecting at the most local level, through the smallest of actions, can we weave a strength into our culture, and keep the ecosystem healthy at scale.

Each journey runs over four weeks, exploring ‘Humility’, ‘Kindness’, ‘Fairness’, and ‘Grace’. In each week we do some work together, and then split into small groups for a ‘conversation with a stranger’. We have eight of these conversations over the four weeks, so it is a chance to make new connections and find new insights through other perspectives.

This work forms part of Julian’s broader work around Social Leadership, and an exploration of how we must adapt our Organisations in the context of the Social Age.

How to take part in a Journey

Julian is offering this programme completely free, with a request that people pay their learning forwards into their own local communities.

To enrol, register for one of the upcoming journeys on this page.

Please note, places on these journeys are limited.

If you have any questions please contact certifications@seasaltlearning.com.

Enrol on a journey

Four week Journey, with one 60-minute session each week

Journeys are scheduled across the year and for different timezones.

Explore how Quiet Leadership Journeys can work in your organisation by emailing certifications@seasaltlearning.com.