Social Learning

‘Learning is changing: often co-created, adaptive, dynamic, tacit, tribal and on demand. This is how you do it.’

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Social Learning is for your organisation

A dynamic organisation will ensure that learning is designed to be effective, whilst also gaining cost efficiencies from new learning approaches.

The Learning Organisation

A true ‘Learning Organisation’ is one that is great to learn in, but which also learns itself. It uses ‘formal’ learning spaces, where it writes the story, as well as Social Learning approaches, where we tap into the tacit, tribal, knowledge of the community itself.

Scaffolded Social Learning

To develop Social Learning, we need a new methodology: Julian Stodd’s Scaffolded Social Learning Methodology balances formal elements with socially co-created ones. We work with Learning teams to build capability in Social Learning design.

Learning Architecture

We work with organisations to build their own Learning Architecture, a holistic approach, based on sounds learning science and pedagogy, to design effective learning.

Our Learning Capability Programmes

For Your Executives

Aimed at Executive Teams, we explore strategic ways to build a ‘learning organisation’. This includes scoping core competencies for teams, developing Change approaches, understanding measurement of effectiveness and ROI, and scoping emergent roles.

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For Strategists

Future of Learning Workshop – Emergent and Innovative Technologies

This is a future facing session for people who want to look not just at the developments happening now, but at the things you’ll need to put in place to shape tomorrow. It’s not about specific technologies, but rather categories of technology and the ways they’ll transform learning. How will wearable tech will impact on performance? What about AI and its impact on knowledge, and the impact of collaborative platforms on knowledge itself?

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For Learning Architects

Learning Architecture

A consulting framework, based on seven core areas to consider when developing your learning architecture, together with the new roles and capabilities you will need to create.

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For Learning Teams

Learning Capability Workshops

These are one or two day workshops covering:

    1. Learning Methodology – Instructional Design Capability
    2. Designing Effective Social Learning – Scaffolded Social Learning
    3. Choreography in Learning – Running Orders
    4. Designing Effective Mobile Learning
    5. Games in Learning – Dynamics vs Mechanics
    6. Assessment in Learning – Metrics and Measurement
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For Community Builders

Building and Running Learning Communities

We provide structure and support in forming, developing and managing your communities, with technology in place to support. This includes:

    1. Strategy and Planning
    2. Technologies
    3. Rules and Moderation
    4. Core Skills for Learners [links to Social Capital in Social Leadership]
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For Storytellers

Using Storytelling in Learning

Stories are powerful in learning. You use them to preserve knowledge, share ideas and draw people closer together in communities. You will work with three levels of storytelling – individual, co-created and the organisational. We also consider the technologies that enable stories to be shared.

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