‘Culture is co-created in the moment, through the actions of every individual’

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How can you shape your culture to be fit for the Social Age?

Culture is co-created in the moment through the actions of every individual: the organisation may believe that it can own and shape it, but in reality it simply frames it.


Aspirational Culture

An aspirational culture grinds up against the lived experience: to effect change, to transform a culture, we must operate within the everyday reality. To change culture, we evolve habit and response.

Lived Experience

The lived experience lies in highly cohesive, and yet fragmented, subcultures. In themselves, these have the very integrity and coherence that the organisation strives for.

All leaders have the opportunity to frame their local culture differently, but most importantly to meet the new expectations of what employees want from their leaders, careers and organisations.


There is a strong relationship between trust and organisational culture. We know this because trust is held primarily in strong social ties, bonds of shared experience, and that these form the foundation.

Social Capital is our ability to survive and thrive in the Social Age: Social Leaders have it, and help others gain it. They empower and enable, earning trust.


Our Culture Offerings

Shaping a Globally Unified Culture

A one or two day workshop looking at the key aspects of shaping your culture to be fit for the Social Age’. The work starts with sharing your current organisational stories and challenges and then defining your:

  • Aspirational vs Lived Culture
  • Curation and Sharing needs
  • Co-Creation methods
  • #WorkingOutLoud approach
  • Use of Fairness, Humility and Generosity
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Culture Diagnostics

A series of diagnostic tools to determine your organisational culture, and diagnose areas for development.

  • The CAIR model (Cost, Aspiration, Investment and Reward)
  • Framework for Fairness
  • Global Equality (Differentiated Spaces)
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Resilience


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