It’s been a good week: I started out with two full days in the studio, recording 29 videos and ten podcasts for the upcoming MOOC on Foundations of the Social Age. This is a prototype, with over 100 people registered so far.


Later in the week, I ran a workshop for the NHS on technology in learning, then a day with the Humanitarian Leadership Academy on their learning architecture, so lots of different communities. I write this from Berlin, where I am staying this weekend to teach the first day (for the first time!) of an MBA at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership.


Social Stories


Stephen Waddington shared a great piece this week about how social stories outpace and subvert formal ones. It specifically addresses how spaces will be claimed if they are not granted, and how social authority can outpace formal:


My own writing was around the evolved form of power that Trump employs, specifically how that’s empowered by a new communication environment.



Pleased that Nigel Paine shared this piece, debunking some of the neurology myths, in this case around left and right brain dominance.


Neurology has impacted my own work in two key ways: through understanding of how we learn, and how we communicate, and the sheer levels of nuance in both. One of my greatest frustrations is the over simplification and desire for reductionist ‘levers’ that can be pulled, as if the brain were a mechanical object. We are complex beings: neurology can help us understand the brain, but consciousness and humanity are greater than the parts of the system.


Social Leadership 100

Into the last week of crowdfunding the new Social Leadership book: this is going well and I’m looking forward to getting cracking on the illustrations next month. You can catch up on that project here:


What I’m thinking


My workshop at the Humanitarian Leadership Academy included long conversations about global equality and opportunity. This fight for fairness sits at the heart of Social Leadership, and is one of our shared global responsibilities. Two pieces you may enjoy here:


If we want a better world, we have to fight for it, but sometimes we fight by engaging in ideas and difference.

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