Berlin was a great experience: working with 42 leaders of global organisations, taking the time to reflect. Reflection: it’s a matter of mindset, not simply time.

Take Note
I enjoyed this piece: how taking verbatim notes is less valuable that manipulating, exploring the ideas:

For me, it highlights the importance of learning design, creating spaces to explore.


Engage in dissent

This was disappointing: students being tear gassed for dissent. But equally disappointing not to engage in the debate. High functioning communities need to engage with the very people they disagree with, otherwise, we are stuck within an echo chamber.

Social Leaders strive to make the world a better place. My own writing here around this:


To seek a truth

I’ve written more this week about truth, about Trump, about power. It continues to fascinate me. I remain convinced that early interpretations are too simple. We must strive for understanding.



I’m in Canada next week, presenting five sessions through the week to both junior and senior members of the government and civil service. An honour, and exciting: we have to find new ways to lead. I have completed text for the Social Leadership 100 book, and with three days to go, I think it will be fully funded. I can’t wait to get this work out there.


What I’m thinking about

Key things on my mind: how so many organisations are deluded into believing that the world they are in is under their control: how they are failing to find spaces to learn to be great. Old power is failing: we must adapt now.


Also: Community is everything. Are you spending time developing the relationships and links that will help you to thrive?

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