The Humble Leader Book

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The Humble Leader

by Julian Stodd

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign for the First Sequence of ‘The Humble Leader’, we are pleased to release the Second Sequence of this work.

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Single hardback copy

This new sequence of 500 books represents a new season in the landscape and are hand numbered from 701-1200.

This work will only be available in hardback, and this sequence is exclusively available to buy direct from the publisher.

Price: £12 / $15 + p&p
Team pack editions


  • 10× The Humble Leader, 1st Edition
  • One hour online Q&A
Price: £120 / $150 + p&p
Community pack editions


  • 100× The Humble Leader, 1st Edition
  • Two hour online workshop with the Community
Price: £1,200/$1,500 + p&p


‘The Humble Leader’ is a reflection on humility in Social Leadership. It’s structured as a series of standalone pieces, each of which consists a personal reflection, and some questions to ask of ourselves or others. The whole book is only around 3,000 words, so very short, but that is because it’s not a book of answers, rather structure to consider our personal leadership within.

Also Available

Quiet Leadership is an exploration of leadership in the smallest of things: our mindset, our words and our actions, in every single day. It’s not about a grand aspiration, about formal objectives, or big development programmes. It’s not about the formal power you have been given, your ability to influence at scale, or the varied ways you exert control. It’s not about ‘one’ way of leading, but rather about a multitude of ways, and specifically about how you find ‘your’ way.

by Julian Stodd