Quiet Leadership

A note About Quiet Leadership from Julian

My work on Quiet Leadership considers how we lead through the smallest of actions, in every day. It’s a research based programme, that looks at both the ideas, and practical action, we can explore over time.

It considers the Organisations that we inhabit as an ecosystem, and the way that none of us can tend to the whole of this system alone. Only by connecting at the most local level, through the smallest of actions, can we weave a strength into our culture, and keep the ecosystem healthy at scale.

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Quiet Leadership

by Julian Stodd

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    When Organisations talk about leadership, they mark out a journey that is 10,000 steps long. Quiet Leadership is about the first three steps.

    It’s an exploration of leadership in the smallest of things: our mindset, our words and our actions, in every single day.  It’s not about a grand aspiration, about formal objectives, or big development programmes.  It’s not about the formal power you have been given, your ability to influence at scale, or the varied ways you exert control.  It’s not about ‘one’ way of leading, but rather about a multitude of ways, and specifically about how you find ‘your’ way.

    Quiet Leadership is about the ways we are with each other in every moment, and how those varied ‘ways’ of being come together to give us the thing we call culture today.  It’s a practice that recognises that all cultures have edges, all communities have boundaries, and our impact is felt more in the shadows than in the light that we face.  Quiet Leadership is a reflective practice, not to see the version of ourselves that we already know, but, rather, to discover ourselves in how others see us.

    Leadership in our reflection; leadership in our shadow. Leadership in our impact, through every action every day.

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    by Julian Stodd