Social Leadership - My first 100 days

Social Leadership – My first 100 days

by Julian Stodd

Publishing in May 2017


This book provides a practical journey to becoming a Social Leader. It’s structured to ask one question, or offer one provocation, every day.

It takes us through the foundations of Social Leadership, then onto the nine elements of the NET Model. Each element lasts two weeks and covers specific skills of Social Leadership.

This is not the whole journey, but if you follow this pathway, in fourteen weeks time you will have set the foundations for becoming a strong Social Leader.Social Leadership encapsulates the mindset, skills and behaviours required to be an effective leader in the Social Age. In this Second Edition, which contains over 40 new illustrations, I revisit the foundations of my work on Social Leadership and expand on the principles of Social Capital and Equality which underpin the model itself. Social Leadership is based upon humility, kindness and fairness, not because these things are soft or nice to have, but because, in the new ecosystem of the Social Age, they are all that counts.

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