So, how to start a technology arm when it’s not all about the tech? A poser.

After successfully delivering multiple large-scale projects for three years, here at Sea Salt Learning we’re starting a brand new division to help you deal with the practical side of getting fit for the Social Age.

Our core principles are simple:

  1. Help you achieve your Social Age goals, whilst
  2. Maintaining an agnostic approach to products

We’re not here to push a system or product on to you, or to promote any given agenda. We are here to help you make the right choices when it comes to technology.

Too often when people view technology, they’re seeing it as the goal. How many times have we heard “if only my system would let me do X”, or “I have to comply with Y before getting anything in”? Our approach is to remove technology as the hedgerow, a conceptual obstruction blocking you seeing your way to being fit for the Social Age, and instead use it as an enabler, lifting you up to see your goals.

A little about me. Leaving university in the 90’s with a Applied Psychology and Computing degree, I found myself on a technology graduate scheme of one of the largest banks in the world. The legacy systems, middleware needs and sheer volume of change and risk regulations, coupled with a sprawling, arcane physical network made it a baptism of fire. It could never be wholly understood – the range was further than any employee could see to the horizon. I soon found myself joining up with the then-fledgling Internet Services team, and a few years later was handling mighty projects on web server farms as the day job.

So I get it, I get the worrying scale of offerings out there in the market, and particularly the challenges of having a potentially expensive solution land on the mat and integrated with your way of working. I get that reputations are won and lost with the choices that are important to us all, but also that technology is now democratised and accessible to an extent never before. Gone is the reliance on monolithic formal technology systems. Sometimes the solutions lie in the gaps between people and tech.

With other hats on, I’m very much a people person, and also a published writer. I love communicating with people, finding out their stories and hearing their concerns. I’ve found within the technology world this can be a rare combination, but you and your people are always the priority for me.

I look forward to starting our conversation about how Sea Salt Learning Build & Operate can help you. We offer short interactions, be they phone calls or visits, right up to major projects to deliver systems to platforms of choice. We always come at your needs from the point of solid theory and research, particularly with scaffolded solutions. Coupled with our writing on the Social Age, and the ground-breaking new theories we are still uncovering, we would be thrilled to help you get to the front of your passions.

I can’t wait to get started.


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