Engines of Engagement – A Curious Book About Generative AI

Engines of Engagement– A Curious Book About Generative AI

by Julian Stodd, Sae Schatz, and Geoff Stead
with Donald Clark, Mark Oehlert, and Marc Zao-Sanders

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    In this illustrated book, Julian Stodd, Sae Schatz, and Geoff Stead explore central questions that Generative AI raises within our organisations, from structures and systems to identity, trust, and the nature of truth.

    Engines of Engagement traverses a broad landscape of change, with deep consideration of how these powerful systems will impact our familiar mechanisms of creativity and productivity, artistry and education at individual, organisational, and societal levels.

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    Generative AI technologies act as our new Engines: things that give us evolved forms of power and surface emergent abilities; things capable of driving prolific change but that also spew out significant uncertainty, discomfort, ambiguity, and risk.

    This discussion considers how we arrived at where we stand today, and it explores the varied paths that lie ahead, littered as they are with ethical, social, and technical hurdles.

    It’s a book intended for leaders who hold a responsibility to set aside their certainty and to forge a path of curiosity. This isn’t a guide to ‘prompt engineering’ nor will it give easy answers. Rather, through the authors’ three respective lenses, and with contributions from thoughtful and provocative guests, we’ve sought to set a stage for debate, discovery, and perhaps even inspiration.

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    This book is available in both a paid and free format.

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    Demystifying Generative AI is a global priority, and we (the authors) have decided to offer the digital version at no cost to make it available to the widest audience.

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    Recommended Citation

    Stodd, J., Schatz, S., & Stead, G. (2023). Engines of Engagement: A Curious Book About Generative AI. Bournemouth, UK: Sea Salt Publishing. https://seasaltlearning.com/engines-of-engagement-generative-ai-book/

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