I’m dedicating one full week a month to long-form writing. This week, I want to complete the ‘Social Leadership 100 Days’ book. I’ve been focussed on the illustrations, as the title indicates, 100 are needed, and I’ve just completed number 59… so somewhat behind schedule.
I’ve also been working on some follow up from Canada, and have been talking about ‘An architecture for community’. It relates to an Innovation Hub that’s being designed, and talks about how we need not only to plan for the physical space, but also for the layers of engagement. What is the plan for ‘Trust’, for ‘Storytelling’, for ‘Community’ itself?


In the News…

Facebook’s bereavement

Facebook is exploring its bereavement policy. This relates to the wider notion of more socially engaged and responsible organisations. It’s reputation that will dictate our ability to attract and retain talent, so whilst 20 days may seem extravagant to some, it may yet be a differentiator for them.



Pay attention to the crowd

HBR is exploring a theme here: if we want the engagement of a community, we have to pay attention to that community. In Social Learning terms, we need to build coherence and trust in the system before we can draw upon it for anything ‘purposeful’



Frank Sinatra’s Piano

I love this, that Stephen Erb shared with me this week. Do you end up moving the piano?



My writing

I’ve spent all week illustrating, first looking at how stories battle each other:



Then considering ‘reputation’ in Social Leadership’:



And, finally, about reducing the ‘noise’ in the system:



What I’m thinking about

I’ve been thinking about science and truth: science isn’t an ideology, it’s a methodology. Truth, more often than not, appears to be about consensus, but often within walled communities. Science is replicable, verified, evolutionary, whilst ‘truth’ can be dogmatic and isolated. It reminded me of some writing I did about Peace a few months ago, reflective work, but thinking about conflict as a feature of human systems. And whether it’s inevitable.



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