To The Moon and Back: Leadership Reflections From Apollo

To The Moon and Back: Leadership Reflections From Apollo

by Julian Stodd

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    It took 400,000 people to put the Apollo astronauts on the moon, on a vehicle with 6,000,000 parts that could go wrong. Failure was most certainly an option.

    ‘To the Moon and Back: Leadership Reflections from Apollo’ tells eight stories from the engineering, through to the people themselves, who came together to write the greatest story of a generation.

    It considers the technology of the vast rockets that powered the Saturn V, the complexity of the control systems that guided it to the moon, and the frail humans who piloted it back again.

    Around each of these stories, Julian teases out his personal Leadership Reflections: considering the things we can take forwards. Not just stories of success, but meditations on complexity, failure, and control.

    ‘To the Moon and Back’ is the latest of the Social Age Guidebooks, each of which builds out Julian’s core work, exploring the evolving nature of leadership and culture in our new world.

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    by Julian Stodd