Power and Potential - An Enquiry Framework for Social Leaders

A note about the Power and Potential Programme from Julian:

This is one of my new Exploration programmes, based around my first full Enquiry Framework – the 4 week programme is based around sixteen questions – held within ‘conversations with strangers’, in pairs.

I’ve really loved developing this format and the feedback so far has been superb – so i am already expanding the approach out. This is a paid programme, with details here: https://seasaltlearning.com/power-and-potential/

Power and Potential

An Enquiry Framework for Social Leaders

by Julian Stodd

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    ‘Power and Potential’ is an Enquiry Framework: a series of sixteen questions that, together, provide a space to explore. The subject of the exploration is power: the power that underpins leadership in both the formal and social spaces.

    The formal landscape of Organisations is well mapped: domains of operation, systems and processes of productivity and effect. These form a platform upon which we operate. But they do not define anything other than formal power.

    Social authority permeates and surrounds these.

    Together, these things form a landscape: one that is at the mercy of the weather. Not entirely predictable and carrying the potential to make or break our day.

    In ‘Power and Potential’, Julian provides a framework for the reader to explore power as a leader: how it works, what it enables us to do, and how it is ultimately limited or breaks.

    This work explores how power can operate in different dimensions: different types of power, interacting in varied ways. It considers how all power has a cost, all power is limited, and all power has an edge.

    As well as the sixteen questions that form the Enquiry Framework, there are a series of supplementary questions to guide dialogue within a team, over coffee, or simply in the readers own head.

    Also Available

    The Community Builder Guidebook is an exploration of ‘Communities’.  In it, Julian Stodd considers the key capabilities of the Social Leader as a Community Builder.

    Through the 9 chapters, you will discover a space for thoughtful exploration, and a practical guide to how you become a Community Builder in practice. It will help you create the ‘Conditions for Community’ to support your work, whether it be to build new communities, or help existing ones grow and thrive, or to ensure that all our communities are inclusive and connected.

    This Guidebook is one of a series, each of which explores different aspects of Organisational design, and change.

    by Julian Stodd