Julian Stodd's Learning Methodology - A Practical Tool for Learning Design

Julian Stodd’s Learning Methodology – A Practical Tool for Learning Design

by Julian Stodd

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Designing engaging and effective learning is both an art and a science: through ten years as eLearning Director of a global training business, Julian has designed and delivered hundreds of learning solutions and, through research and experience, created a six step Learning Methodology.

A Methodology is not a process: it’s more about a mindset, exploring how we set the CONTEXT for learning, how we DEMONSTRATE key principles and provide space for EXPLORATION, to play with the learning. We need to create spaces for REFLECTION and tools for ASSESSMENT, as well as provide FOOTSTEPS for ongoing performance support.

At each of the six stages, Julian explores the key points of what we should and shouldn’t do, as well as asking questions that we can use to shape and structure the learning design.

A strong learning methodology does not constrain what we do: it liberates us to create challenging and effective learning solutions that deliver a solid return on investment.