Finding Your Campfire: A Remote Working Survival Guide

Finding Your Campfire: A Remote Working Survival Guide

by Julian Stodd

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    We have been thrust into a new way of working, with little time to prepare for the expedition: we are in the wilderness, and must take time to Pause – Refresh – Renew. This crisis presents two possible outcomes for our Organisations:

    • They may look to survive, and then put the story behind them.
    • They may view it as a chance to learn and prototype new ways of working, demonstrate their fairness towards their community, coming out of this stronger and better.

    In this emergency Social Age Guidebook, Julian Stodd is sharing a body of work that looks at three things:

    1. Packing your Backpack: how we individually cope with the Remote experience. We explore the separation of space, time and boundaries, and caring for each other.
    2. Leading the Expedition: how we lead Remote teams, creating a place for them to be, trade in social currencies, and recognise and respect the effort.
    3. Being Together Apart: how culture is reborn in our Remote space, how we write a shared story, and our responsibility to build and hold trust safely.

    Finding Your Campfire: A Remote Working Survival Guide is the latest of the Social Age Guidebooks, each of which builds out Julian’s core work, exploring the evolving nature of leadership and culture in our new world.

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    by Julian Stodd