The Socially Dynamic Organisation Guidebook

The Socially Dynamic Organisation: A New Model of Organisational Design

by Julian Stodd

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    This book explores a new model of Organisational Design: set against a background of broad digital transformation, increased social connectivity and movement, and a global shift to distributed working, it considers ten factors that impact on our legacy ‘domain’ Organisations, and proposes a new model of Socially Dynamic Organisation that may supersede it.

    This is Julian’s first book to expand upon the idea of the Socially Dynamic Organisation: at the intersection of formal and social systems, it will find a new type of power through a new model of design.

    Dynamic and reconfigurable, permeable and fair, it will carry both great formal strength, but also will be broadly interconnected, and agile by design.

    This work is shared as evolving thinking: imperfect in parts, and changing all around as we prototype and experiment in this new space.

    Organisations must adapt: to rebalanced power, at the whim of social movements, to changing and emerging markets, in a volatile and uncertain time, the only thing we know for sure is that what carried us this far will not take us the rest of the way.

    Julian Stodd is an author and explorer of the Social Age, working across industry, academia, and government realms, grounding his research in practical application and measurable change. This book forms the latest in his series of Social Age Guidebooks, forming expedition notes from the journey.

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    by Julian Stodd