The Social Learning Guidebook

The Social Learning Guidebook

by Julian Stodd

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    ‘Social Learning’ is an approach where the learning story is collaborative, and co-created. It requires new models of design, and support for delivery, and is one strand of a broader evolution in the ways we learn, and provide learning.

    In this Guidebook, Julian shares a new body of work around the design, and delivery, of Social Learning. It highlights areas that you should consider when looking at Learning Transformation. It is not intended to have all the answers, but rather to offer some frameworks, models, and things that you need to consider along the journey.

    This Guidebook is one of a series, each of which explores different aspects of Organisational design, and change.

    These are shared as part of #WorkingOutLoud: all are under 10,000 words, and include sections on ‘what you need to know’, and ‘what you need to do about it’.

    Also Available

    The Social Leadership Handbook 2nd Edition is the definitive guide to Social Leadership. Exploring all aspects of Social Leadership in depth, the book introduces the concepts and a full curriculum for development, creating a framework for learning and exploring the nine skills of a Social Leader, and the ways we can develop and hone them. It will prove invaluable on your journey. Now available in hardback and eBook editions on Amazon.

    by Julian Stodd